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I’ve been painting for about 5 years.

I’m a self taught artist and paint mostly with acrylics but I’ve done watercolour, pastels, conte and charcoals.

I would describe my style as more impressionistic than realism. I love vibrant colours and that’s reflected in the art that I make.

These paintings are abstractions of scenes I’ve enjoyed in nature.

I enjoy using and experimenting with different textures, moulding paste, sand, glass beads, stuff from my kitchen and sometimes even dirt from my flower garden, whatever I think will express what I’m trying to say.

I also use metallic paints which I think give my paintings an extra zing.

I’m constantly experimenting and learning new ways to paint my view of the world.

I hope you enjoy what you see.

I welcome any questions you might have or requests.

Judy Olson